Sport!OP! (Opportunities for the inclusion of vulnerable youth through sport) is a project within the European Union Erasmus + programme which is being implemented in 6 different regions: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Spain and Sweden.

This project aims to improve the well-being of vulnerable youngsters by building resilience and developing social and life skills. This is achieved by formulating local strategies to use participation in sport as a vehicle for social inclusion.


Sport!OP! ‘Opportunities for the inclusion of vulnerable youth through sport’ is a cross-border project which aims to develop local community-based strategies using sport as a vehicle for the social inclusion of youngsters at risk. Within the project, young females are given particular attention.

With a budget of €381,313, the project is co-funded by the European Union Erasmus+ programme, Sport!Op! has a duration of 30 months; lasting from January 2020 to June 2022.

Sport!Op! is being implemented  by 7 partners in various regions of 6 different European countries: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia ,France, Spain and Sweden.

  • the Municipality of Granollers (Spain) – Coordinator
  • the University of Barcelona (Spain)
  • the Municipality of Grigny (France).
  • the Het Gemeenschapsonderwijs (Belgium)
  • LUGI Handball (Sweden)
  • HASK Mladost (Croatia)
  • the Sarajevo Marathon (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The general objective of Sport!Op! falls under the Erasmus+ priority of encouraging social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport. The project contributes to the following objectives:

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With the project Sport!OP! we’re, with sports as a tool, working towards creating better conditions and participation in society for children and young people from socio-economically vulnerable groups. By using the concept of Hand the Ball we contribute to the well-being of the participants by providing them with better physical and mental health through sport activities. We also shift focus from competition and results to the social and activation element of the game and make it an inclusive activity unlimited by participants age, gender, experience, and skill level. We achieve social inclusion by using Hand the Ball as a tool.In this film, Christine Lindgren from LUGI Handball talks about Hand the Ball and in our ongoing pilot project at Vikingaskolan in Lund, we use Hand the Ball as a tool to create inclusion!


See our movie from our pilot project at Vikingaskolan in Lund, were we use Hand the Ball as a tool to create inclusion!

And out final movie from the project!

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