One step closer to the quarter finals for LUGI

Today Csurgôi KK played against LUGI at Färs & Frosta Sparbank Arena in Lund, their home arena. Just before the game coach Thomas Axnér said “If we win on Sunday we have a big chance to go to the quarter finals. But we need all the support we can get - we need an extra player, we need the supporters and the audience to help us.”

The team got the support he wanted. A little over a 1.000 enthusiastic supporters in the audience helped their team to win – with two goals. No one doubted that both teams were there to win, the game was played fast and rough.

The first half was quite even. The teams played well even though LUGI’s offensive play didn’t go their way. Csurgôi won the first half of the match with 13-14. The defense lead by LUGI’s Jonatan Leijonberg and Nemanja Milosevic made sure the distance wasn’t greater than a single goal.
Bildtext: Hampus Jildenbäck (Photo Lars-Erik Nilsson)
The second half was all in the advantage of LUGI. The offensive play now worked out in all ways possible. “The last week we have been talking about that we will have to move forward faster and put a lot more pressure. This we did in the last game in the Swedish Premier League against H43 and so we did today. And it payed off.” said Hampus Jildenbäck, LUGI’s best player this evening.

“Both teams played well in the first half. In the second half we didn’t stand a chance. We just collapsed and LUGI was the winning team today.” said Csurgôi’s coach. Even though, Csurgôi managed to keep up well but the game ended with 28-26 to LUGI.

LUGI is now at the top of their group, and one step closer to the quarter finals. Still there are two more important games to play. The first one is on Saturday when LUGI meets TSV Hannover-Burgdorf at Färs & Frosta Sparbank Arena.

Terése Gunnarsdotter

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